Sicher Elevator GRON20/GROS20 Panoramic Elevator  Series



360° tempered glass, magnificent scenery never gone.

Sicher Elevator GRON20/GROS20 Panoramic Elevator Series

SRH machine roomless passenger elevator technology helps you improve working efficiency and speed up the project process. Using SRH SMR passenger elevator keeps construction project running smoothly with easier installation. In the meanwhile, unlike the traditional traction machine which is fixed in the machine room,the SMR traction machine could be easily took out from the machine room when the elevator need to be updated.

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Spacious Space,
Broad View

GRON20/GROS20 is Sicher machine roomless observation elevator
GRON20/GROS20 can be used on multiple purpose buildings such as resident building , office building ,hotel building ,hospital building etc...
GRON20 Easy Installation,Efficiency Improvement

  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30
  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30
  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30
  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30
  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30
  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30
  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30
  • A-英文版第一部分-4.30

Sicher Elevator GRON20/GROS20 Panoramic Elevator Series



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1. Spacious space , broad view-The car space is spacious and transparent ,effectively alleviating the discomfort at high altitude.With a large sightseeing area design,the viewing field is wide.

2. Intelligent elevator call system-It is a more efficient and safer elevator-call solution .Multiple intelligent elevator-call methods such as face recognition ,fingerprint recognition,QR code , voice ,and mobile app can be customized.

3. UCMP protection technology-When the system detect that the car has moved unexpectedly ,the system will start the protection program to swupper the car immediately and level the floor safely.

4. Positioning system of absolute position-With APS positioning system of absolute position ,real-time positioning of the car running status and absolute position are conducted to ensure stable operation and accurate landing.

5. Automatic sterilization and purification system-UV sterilization and automatic air filtration system can be used to clean the air ,greatly reducing the risk of virus infection.

6. Precise sensitivity light curtain protection-High-sensitivity light curtain protection technology,can accurately identify under strong light , to keep passengers safe at all times.

7. Customization of appearance design-The customized appearance design of the hoist way can match the corresponding color glass , hoist way frame and parts according to the architectural style,presenting a seamless beauty.

8. Safe and considerate design-The elevator car is equipped with standard height handrails,and the car wall is made of safety laminated glass , giving people a sense of security.

A Variety Of Layout Plans To Appreciate Different Views





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