• Uzbekistan Capital Metro Station Project Sicher Heavy Duty Escalator Shipment

    Uzbekistan Capital Metro Station Project Sicher Heavy Duty Escalator Shipment   Recently, the first batch of public transportation heavy-duty escalators for the Sicher Elevator Uzbekistan Capital Tashkent Metro Station project have been produced and manufactured in the headquarters, and have...
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  • Sicher Elevator won Botanical Garden Project

    Commercial complex is the combination of multiple functions such as business, office, residence, hotel, entertainment, etc., resulting in a multi-functional and high-efficiency commercial center. Therefore, how to serve large passenger flow transportation and provide more convenient and efficien...
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  • 98 units of Sicher elevators help Urumqi, Xinjiang to create a new business card of urban culture

    Sicher Elevator leads future travel with innovation Committed to urban and building Vertical transportation development creates more possibilities Created a series of Landing works with regional characteristics and cultural value Helping the city open a new chapter in the journey of rejuvenation ...
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  • Sicher won the “customer priority choose home elevator brand” Award

    On May 19th, the first Home Elevator Summit Forum with the theme of “Craftsmen, Ingenuity and Craftsmanship” was grandly held in Suzhou. Elevator industry leaders, home elevator experts, manufacturing company leaders, home elevator agents, villa owners, elevator home decoration design...
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  • 116 Units Sicher Elevators For one of Henan Jiaozuo community provide customized solutions

        Next to high-rise buildings, Wear colorful outfits, Being ignored and still growing, Now, Being “discovered”, Will put makeup on, Will show the world brand new appearance, This is the urban villages project, Sicher Elevator a representative elevator company, Following t...
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  • Sicher New Project 136 Units for Zhangqiu District

    Sicher Elevator will do a project for Zhangqiu District 51 buildings and total 136 units of elevators and escalators   Living comfort is often reflected in architectural details and quality of life. Sicher Elevator, with a sense of corporate mission, focuses on customer satisfaction experie...
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  • Sicher Elevator Won “New Bull Enterprise” for tenth time

    On the morning of January 30, the Nanxun District 2023 Private Economy Development and Business Environment Optimization Conference was grandly held at the District Culture and Art Center. Wen Jianfei, Secretary of the District Party Committee, delivered a speech. Cheng Jia, Deputy Secretary of t...
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  • 16 Tons Freight Elevator|Sicher Elevator Produce and Install for “LyricRobot”

    16 Tons Freight Elevator|Sicher Elevator Produce and Install for “LyricRobot”

      Recently, Sicher Elevator because the capability of heavy-duty freight elevator solution successfully won the project of LyricRobot Elevator procurement, and sicher will provide multiple elevators including 9 floors 16 tons freight elevators and 16 floors 10 tons freight elevators, and tra...
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  • upper 10 professional in China

    upper 10 professional in China

    Three years in a row Sicher Elevator wins the Honor upper 10 Elevator Manufacturer in China Recently, Lead by globe elevator industrial summit organization committee with ELEVATOR magazi...
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  • waste-free factory

    waste-free factory

    Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology jointly announced the list of the "Evaluation Results of the Second Batch of "Waste-Free Factories" in Zhejiang Province",...
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  • 7 times goverment procurement suppiler award

    7 times goverment procurement suppiler award

    Features Recently, the selection results of the 17th National Government Procurement and Centralized Procurement Annual Conference were officially announced. With its excellent brand strength, excellent product quality and market reputation, Sicher Elevator has ...
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