Sicher Elevator GRPS20 Small Machine Room Elevator


GRPS20 Small Machine Room Elevator

Superior Innovation and Classic All In One.

Sicher Elevator GRPS20 Small Machine Room Elevator

GRPS20 is Sicher small machine room passenger elevator
GRPS20 can be used on multiple purpose buildings such as resident building , office building ,hotel building ,hospital building etc…
GRPS20 Easy Installation,Efficiency Improvement

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Spacious Space,
Broad View

SRH Small machine room passenger elevator technology helps you improve working efficiency and speed up the project process. Using SRH SMR passenger elevator keeps construction project running smoothly with easier installation. In the meanwhile, unlike the traditional traction machine which is fixed in the machine room,the SMR traction machine could be easily took out from the machine room when the elevator need to be updated.
GRPS20 Space saving-The small permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine saves machine room space. The smaller traction machine can be lifted by a smaller lifting system , also it can be even lifted directly in the hoistway.

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Sicher Elevator GRPS20 Small Machine Room Elevator



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1. Small machine room passenger elevator-The efficient layout of the machine room, with a clever and compact structure, can save nearly 50% of the machine room space while maintaining excellent performance in terms of operating performance, safety functions, operating experience and green consumption reduction.

2. Intelligent elevator call system: This is a safer and more effective elevator call system. It is possible to customize a variety of intelligent elevator-call technologies, including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, QR code, voice, and mobile apps.

3. UCMP protection technology-When the system detects that the automobile has moved unexpectedly, the system will initiate the protection program to swupper the car promptly and level the floor securely.

4. Real-time positioning of the car's running condition and absolute location is done with the help of the APS positioning system of position to ensure steady operation and precise landing.

5. UV sterilization and automatic air filtration systems can be utilized to automatically clean the air, considerably lowering the danger of viral infection.


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