Sicher New Project 136 Units for Zhangqiu District

Sicher Elevator will do a project for Zhangqiu District 51 buildings and total 136 units of elevators and escalators



Living comfort is often reflected in architectural details and quality of life. Sicher Elevator, with a sense of corporate mission, focuses on customer satisfaction experience, creates a safe, stable and comfortable ride experience, and builds a better living life.




As a civil livelihood security project in Jinan and a key project in the district, the 51 buildings single project of Xiushui Village Renovation Project in Zhangqiu District is located near Baimai Spring, one of the 72 famous springs in Jinan, covering an area of 305 square, with a total construction area of about 510,000 square meters, more than 9,000 people from 2,682 households were resettled. 51 resettlement buildings are planned to be built in the community, and the underground garage project, 3 heat exchange stations, and 1 commercial building are simultaneously supported. While meeting the living needs of the villagers, they have greatly improved the living environment of the villagers in the area and enhanced the happiness of the villagers.


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Post time: Apr-04-2023